Florida Compliance Lawyers

Florida Compliance Lawyers

Florida compliance lawyers

Keith Brady Law firm specializes in a wide range of compliance issues that have to do with vacation homes and general compliance issues. We’re the right people to call for settling compliance issues that your vacation rental managers may not be grounded in. Although we can hold our own in any court of law, we never hesitate to advise clients to do all they can to avoid litigations.

From our experience, litigation always comes at a cost, even if you eventually win. Doing the necessary things at the right time saves you the emotional and financial costs of litigation, and our Florida compliance lawyers are always ready to help. Below is a highlight of some of our compliance law practice areas.

Service Animal Compliance Program

Our attorneys are familiar with the property management laws in Florida, and we can provide you with the proper guidance about service animals on your property. Remember, you will be held liable if your property managers take actions that contradict the relevant service animal compliance laws.

Tax Registrations

Vacation rental managers are wont to make tax reporting errors. This could cost you some money when they overpay and even more money

when they underpay or breach the law. For example, many do not know that refunds, cleaning fees, and pool heat are not often taxable. When you hire our Florida compliance lawyers, we’ll help with tax registrations and filing and ensure you don’t overpay or underpay.

ADA Website Compliance Plans

We can help you assess if your business falls under the ADA Title I or Title III and if your website offers ‘reasonable accessibility’ in compliance with the laws. Apart from helping you avoid potentially huge fines, making your website accessible to everyone ensures you’re not missing out on a potentially significant portion of your market share.

GDPR Compliance Plans

Businesses operating in the EU or collecting data of persons in the EU must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation aims to protect the data and privacy of users, and to contravene any of the provisions could lead to huge fines. Our Florida compliance lawyers will help you assess your data collection and protection practices and highlight areas where you may be going against the regulations.  

PCI Compliance Plans

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council regulates businesses that handle customers’ credit card data. Unfortunately, many businesses do not even know they’re bound by the regulations or implement the provisions correctly. Our Florida compliance lawyers will guide you on the best practices concerning PCI Compliance plans and how you can ensure your business doesn’t contravene the provisions.

Get in touch with our Florida compliance lawyers

Hiring competent compliance lawyers can save you a fortune by ensuring you stay on the right side of the law and helping you avoid litigations. Our attorneys are well versed in Florida property and real estate laws and other relevant compliance laws. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.

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Florida Compliance Lawyers

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