Can You Be Sued for Providing Solar Eclipse Glasses?

KBL - Sued for Providing Solar Eclipse Glasses

Can You Be Sued for Providing Solar Eclipse Glasses?

The solar eclipse is without a doubt the most talked-about natural phenomenon of the decade. Occurring an average of once per lifetime, a full solar eclipse like the one this week is something that many people look forward to experiencing. Something that most people do not look forward to experiencing, however, is a lawsuit. There are few worse feelings than the confusion and anxiety that could take you ever if you are ever exposed to be a defendant in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, a few people could potentially experience both the solar eclipse and a lawsuit over the next month. Why? The hottest, must-have, not-so-high-tech solar eclipse glasses that have been flying off the shelves.

Experience Solar Eclipse

To experience a solar eclipse, one must gaze into the sky at the moments leading up to the eclipse and the eclipse itself. Only by witnessing the moon block out the entire sun and cast total darkness can you truly have the full experience. But, as our parents probably taught us all (or instinct kicked in to correct our mistakes), you cannot stare into the sun without a great deal of pain and almost instant, permanent eye damage. The solution? Solar eclipse glasses. Special glasses designed to protect your eyes from the damaging sun while allowing you to view with total clarity and comfort are available for sale. While you stock up on these glasses for your eclipse barbeques and picnics to pass out to your friends, consider the following: passing out these glasses to friends and neighbors could mean passing out legal liability if any harm comes to them.

Assume the scenario: you purchase the last box of solar eclipse glasses on the shelf and pass them out to your neighbors and friends as you grill burgers and watch the event. Your neighbor’s minor child complains of blind spots after the event that continue for days, even weeks. Your neighbors then sue you for negligence for giving defective glasses to their child. Is the legal liability certain? Well, of course not – that’s why we have courts! But, if any harm came to anyone, you’d surely feel awful at the very least. And, such harm can and has come to many people that stared into the last solar eclipse years ago. The reason? Many of the glasses being sold are not proper viewing glasses, but cheap knock-offs. The best way to prevent damage to yourself and others would be to do your research and make sure you have purchased properly certified eyewear.

Glasses Recalled

Many retailers, such as Amazon, have recalled thousands of non-approved solar eclipse glasses out of concern that the wearer will be harmed and suffer permanent damage to their eyes. And if your hectic schedule got the best of you for this solar eclipse, just play it safe! Don’t provide glasses of any sort to other people, and don’t encourage them to look if they don’t want to. Allow everyone to view the solar eclipse when and how they (or their legal guardians) deem proper, and plan ahead by buying the proper glasses for the next solar eclipse – in 2023.