Unnecessary Services for New Businesses in Florida

Unnecessary Services for New Businesses in Florida

New businesses in Florida have a lot to worry about. Annual reports, formation filings, and tax issues are a just a few things on the plate of Florida entrepreneurs. But, new business owners have another thing to consider: unnecessary services trying to take advantage of their unfamiliarity with starting a business.

Often, business owners will find a form similar to the image below in their mailbox. These forms – from Certificate Filing Services (CFS) and Labor Compliance Department – seem to be State or other official government forms and charge clients for something that can be obtained for much less. In the particular case below, these forms charge $60+ for a Certificate of Status available from the State Department for $5 and $80+ for labor posters. The Department of Labor offers posters at no charge.










Posters like these can easily fool new businesses into thinking they need to pay over $50 for things that can be obtained for a fraction of the cost – or free. Although CFS and Labor Compliance Department have all sorts of information pertinent to the business (such as mailing and registered address), such information is available to the public.

New business owners should carefully review any letters they are sent. Many times, a quick internet search can clear up any confusion. Our clients have received these forms and thought them to be legitimate State documents – including the apparently “official” language and “deadlines” for response.


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