Mediating Between Benjamin Netanyahu & Nuclear Iran- Part 2 of 2

Mediating Between Benjamin Netanyahu & Nuclear Iran- Part 2 of 2

My imaginary mediation left off with me separating the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Iranian President in hopes of reaching an agreement on the nuclear issue. Now, we continue.

Mediator Keith Brady: President Hassan Rouhani, where are you at?

President Hassan Rouhani: I think we are satisfied with President Obama’s plan that leaves us unaccountable in 10 years.

Mediator Keith Brady: Well, Mr. President, I don’t think the world would sit idly by if facing an Iranian nuclear weapons program in 10 years.

President Hassan Rouhani: Why? What is going to change? What do you know that I don’t know?

Mediator Keith Brady: I am just saying that more accountability could follow this 10 year program.

President Hassan Rouhani: More of this? Oh, that is fine. We want this agreement.

Mediator Keith Brady: OK, let me relay your position to them. Would like to add a message?

President Hassan Rouhani: Tell him President Obama is with us.

Mediator Keith Brady: I have some good news. They are willing to settle under the terms President Obama put forth.

Israeli Prime Minister: No, that will let them develop a nuclear weapon.

Mediator Keith Brady: So what is your position?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We want a complete halt to their nuclear program and unlimited U.N. access to hold them in compliance.

Mediator Keith Brady: Do you think we can work within the framework of President Obama’s proposal and make some changes to that to move this thing forward?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: I am open to discussing that.

Mediator Keith Brady: What terms are of the most concern to you?

Israeli Prime Minister: Well, its the U.N. inspections?

Mediator Keith Brady: I don’t want to tackle too much at once. Let me see if they are willing to move off their position on this a little as a measure of good faith.

Later that day… World Peace was secured, all thanks to your humble Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Mediator.